Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Are you ready for winter ?

New range of products for winter: ice clearing, ice pellets, ice melting liquid, screenwash, roof repairing, compounds, road salt neutraliser, de-icer, alternatives to road salt or rock salt

New products, alternatives to road salt or rock salt, available this winter for ice melting and ice clearing of paths and driveways, screenwash and de-icer

Even our salt neutraliser is NEW !

Why should you use alternatives to traditional road salt ? Let me tell you why .....

With the darker nights drawing in there is nothing surer than the onset of some very wintery weather. Temperatures will plummet and our roads and paths will become hazardous to our own health if you slip and fall. Did I hear you say you have a stack of road salt at the ready just in case ? I hope not ........
ICE-PICK ice clearing pellets  melting iceAlternatives to road salt or rock salt, de-icer for extreme winter condition. New products for winter for ice melting and ice clearing of paths and drivewaysTraditional road salt is not only messy but its corrosive. You have to be careful about tracking it into your home, via the bottoms of shoes and boots, because it's abrasive particles can damage wood flooring and carpet. Not only that but its messy to clean up and it ruins your shoes !

I'm here to tell you there are cleaner, better alternatives to road salt or rock salt !

ICE-PICK ice clearing pellets  melting ice and helping prevent re-freezing. They are fantastic for paths and driveways, reduces the slip hazard.  New products for winter for ice melting and ice clearing of paths and driveways, screenwash and de-icer, salt neutraliser
ICE-PICK ice clearing pellets raise the temperature of the ice therefore melting ice and helping prevent re-freezing. They have been used in coldstores for a number of years now and are fantastic for paths and driveways which obviously reduces the slip hazard. If you happen to bring them in on your shoes no worries! They dry to a powder which can be vacuumed away.      

Even road salt on the roads is an issue because it accelerates metal corrosion processes, which is bad news for cars ! Add in the wider environmental damage it causes, particularly to waterways and man-made structures, and it becomes clear that its widespread use as a road de-icer during the winter months is controversial to say the least.  Ever since the 1930s, road salt has been used extensively during the winter months in the UK to lower the freezing point of moisture on road surfaces, thus helping to prevent lethal ice from forming and causing existing snow and ice to melt. However, road salt is far less welcome from the point of view of motoring enthusiasts and the wider environment in terms of the long-term damage it causes to cars and man-made structures; salt deposits tend to harbour moisture and accelerate the metal corrosion process.
Salgon Salt Neutraliser - Neutralises sea salt and road salt. Removes salt deposits & protects against corrosion. Salgon works on road salt or sea salt. Use on all vehicles, boats, shipboard equipment, fishing gear, sport equipment, buildings and fixtures.
SALGON is a new formula salt neutraliser. It reacts with salt to stop the corrosive effects from salt residues and makes salt deposits easy to remove from surfaces and contains a long lasting corrosion inhibitor which helps protect metals against further attack.
Salgon quickly penetrates cracks and crevices where salt can build up. It removes the accumulated deposits and chemically converts the salt into a non-corrosive compound, stopping the harmful effects of salt exposure. Use on all vehicles including cars, trucks, tracked equipment and contractors plant. Buy Salgon Salt Neutraliser Now

Easy to use .... Simply remove excessive dirt and contamination before applying. Dilute Salgon with 20 parts water and apply by spray. Thoroughly wet the surface and pay particular attention to cracks and crevices and areas such as wheel arches. Allow some time to act, five minutes is usually sufficient. 

After this Salgon can simply be left to drain down and dry but best results are obtained by following with a quick rinse with clean water.

Roof repair compound for all types of roofs and gutters

For fast repairs to felt roofs, flashings, slates, gutters, asbestos or for metal or plastic roofing repairs. Seals splits and cracks in roofs quickly and easily !

With the Met Office predicting severe weather over the coming weeks and certainly months its time to think about the state of your roof. Even very minor damage can become a much larger problem in very wet or windy conditions. Small cracks become tears which can then be lift off and leave a larger problem to deal with.
ROOFMATE - instant repair compound for leaking roofs and gutterings, fast repairs to felt, flashings, slates, gutters, asbestos, metal & plastic roofing
One solution could be ROOFMATE an instant roof repair compound for leaking roofs and gutterings. ROOFMATE can even be used in wet conditions and may even be applied underwater
* Easy to use - Needs no primer
* Ideal for emergencies - Can be used in wet conditions, even under water
* Long lasting - Integral fibre gives a tough, durable repair

Winter instant roof repair compound for leaking roofs and gutterings.
 ROOFMATE is designed for fast repairs to felt, flashings, slates, gutters, asbestos, even metal and plastic roofing.  It seals splits, cracks and leaks immediately and is unaffected by water. ROOFMATE contains fibres to give extra strength to the repair and to make it easier to fill large splits or holes.
Its also very easy to use ..... just remove loose dirt and debris. Apply ROOFMATE by trowel or spreader straight from the tub to give a covering of about 3mm thick. For splits, holes, damaged flashings, etc., apply ROOFMATE to overlap well beyond the damaged area. To repair blisters etc., cut open, trim edges and stick down with ROOFMATE.  Then apply a layer of ROOFMATE overlapping the affected area. With a coverage of approximately 1.5 sq.m. per litres its really economical to use.    BUY ROOFMATE NOW

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


What is MRSA?

Alcohol Free Santisier
MRSA stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. The MRSA germ belongs to the Staphylococcus Aureus (SA) bacteria family. SA is a common germ. It lives harmlessly on the skin and in the nose of around a third of healthy people. When it does cause infection ‘ordinary’ SA is sensitive to most commonly used antibiotics. MRSA is a particular type of SA that has developed resistance to most antibiotics. Only a very few antibiotics will kill MRSA.

What causes MRSA?

SA and MRSA cause problems only when they get into breaks in the skin (wounds, cuts, sores) or into the blood stream (bacteraemia), or into normally sterile body cavities (such as the bladder). Infections are more likely, and can be particularly serious in those in vulnerable groups and those whose resistance to infection is lowered. MRSA does not generally harm healthy people, including pregnant women, children and babies.

How can MRSA pass from one person to another and how can its spread by prevented?

People may carry the MRSA germ without knowing it, and patients may have it before they are admitted to hospital. MRSA can be caught and passed on almost anywhere, not just in hospital. The MRSA bacteria is spread on hands and skin from person-to-person. MRSA can usually be treated by one of a small number of antibiotics which kill it. Other medications, such as antiseptic wash or gels are used to remove MRSA from the skin and and prevent the risk of spreading this or many other infections commonly spread by touch and infected surfaces.

SOFTSAN is a new Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser which has been shown to provide residual antibacterial effects for at least 3 hours when tested against MRSA.Further tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of SOFTSAN against fungi, viruses and bacterial spores.

Fungicidal:  Evaluated under EN1650 against C. albicans and A. niger.
Viricidal: Proved effective against Human Influenza A (H1N1) under the conditions of EN14476 (modified protocol).
Sporicidal: Effective against C. dificile when evaluated under the conditions of EN13704.
Simply apply to clean hands using a single push of the pump dispenser and rub well into skin particularly around the fingernails. Allow the product to dry on the skin. Repeat after hand washing and at regular intervals to maintain effectiveness. The 140ml dispenser contains over 200 applications . Also available in bulk for use with wall mounted foaming dispenser.

Buy Softsan Now or Call us for more information on 0800 849 8118